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Lavor SCL Comfort XS R 85 Essential Ride-On Scrubber Drier


The Comfort XS R 85 is designed for maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas. It is both user-friendly and easy to maintain. Battery operated and made in Italy. 


  • Easy operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Time saving and cost effective
  • Long working hours
  • Large tank capacity

    Having a tank capacity of 110L means less refills and less down-time, making cleaning more time and cost saving. 

  • Comprehensive control panel

    New control panel with digital controls and display allows easy manipulation of machine’s actions. 

  • Simple and intuitive controls

    Easy mechanical control for brush plate and squeegee assembly allows low maintenance cost. 

  • Great capacity batteries

    4 units of maintenance-free batteries (6V, 180Ah) are used for longer working hours. 

Voltage 24 V Bursh Motor Power 2 x 400W
Battery 4 x 6V, 180Ah Vacuum Motor Power 400W
Brush Pressure 50 Kg Brush Size 2 x 17"
Brush Rotation Speed 170RPM Cleaning Width 850 mm
Clean / Dirty Tank 110L / 155L Squeegee Width 900 mm
Weight 220 Kg Max Working Capacity 4100 m2/h
Dimension (LxBxH) 1.46 x 0.81 x 1.39 m Max Gradient (empty/full) 13% / 10%
Power 600W Depression 1300mmH20
17" Scrubbing brush 2
17" pad holder" 2
6V 180Ah GEL Batteries 4
24V Battery Charger 1
Squeegee Bar 1 front + 1 rear rubber